Building & Code Enforcement

The Colusa Fire Department actively enforces the City’s weed abatement ordinance. Annual weed abatement inspections are made throughout the community between April and June. The purpose of these inspections is to eliminate any obvious or potential fire hazards that may exist on one’s property. To report any weed abatement hazards or concerns, please fill out the form below.

    Here are some quick tips about ADA requirements and some general design plans for home improvement provided by the Building department. For more detailed information or explanations please contact the Building Inspector at 458-5890 ext. 113

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    •Print out the city standard that addresses your project, along with the permit application, and bring them to the building department located at 425 Webster St. during regular business hours. Usually a permit can be issued over the counter the same day.

    Created in 1917, the Fire/Building Department is staffed by a fully qualified inspector, certified in all areas of the fire and building codes. An inspector examines both commercial & residential buildings for compliance with all applicable building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, energy, fire and life-safety codes. Inspections are scheduled Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Once you receive your building permit, please fill out the form below to schedule inspections:


      The building inspection card (job card) and a set of approved plans (stamped “approved” by the Building Department) must be posted at the job site. 
      A contact number should be provided in case of time or date change of inspection. 
      If an inspection is called for and the job is not complete, a re-inspection fee of $98.00 may be imposed. 
      ALL inspection sites must be properly addressed and clearly visible from the road for easy access. This is not only a building inspection request, but it is also necessary for the U.S. Mail, 911 emergency calls, and/or fire calls. 

      If all of the above procedures are not followed, your inspection may not be scheduled! To ensure you receive your inspection in a timely manner, be sure to follow the above list!