Colusa Police Department

260 6th Street – Colusa, CA 95932   
Phone: (530) 458-7777
   Fax: (530)-458-2391   

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“The City of Colusa Police Department is dedicated to performing its duties in a business-like, but sensitive, manner.  The department adopts a Community Oriented/Problem Solving philosophy to promote a positive contribution to law enforcement and the community.”

Patrol officers are assigned shifts – under general supervision – with the primary goal of protecting life, protecting property, and keeping the peace.  A patrol officer is responsible for, but not limited to, providing public assistance, answering calls for service to include traffic accidents and other emergencies, rendering basic first aid/CPR, enforcement of laws and ordinances, vehicle abatement issues, maintaining order, conducting crime prevention efforts, making arrests when necessary, serving warrants, issuing citations, preparing reports, collecting evidence, testify in court, conducting thorough investigations and follow up, and performance of other related activities and duties as may be required.  In addition to the above listed duties, members of the Colusa Police give safety presentations to groups, tow abandoned vehicles from City streets, and enforce parking regulations.

The Records/Administration Section is responsible for a wide variety of services for both the department and the general public. It processes and files criminal records, as well as accident reports, a variety of permits and licenses. Accident reports are available through the Police Department Records Section and may be obtained either in person or by mailing a fee to the Colusa Police Department. Accident reports can be picked up 5 to 10 business days after reporting. The Records/Administration Section also handles the following:

  1. Maintenance of agency records/reports
  2. Court-Mandated Functions
  3. Process Criminal Offender Narcotics/Sex/Arson Offender Registrations
  4. Order and Restock agency supplies and forms
  5. Compile statistical monthly reports for The Department of Justice Uniform Crime Reporting
  6. Attend the public counter and telephone contact
  7. Administration of vehicle tows and impounds
  8. Concealed Weapon Permits
  9. Colusa Police Department has one (1) Administrative Secretary/Records Clerk support position.  The Business Office is open Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-4:30PM.
  1. Be sure that all doors and windows are secured at the end of each business day/night.
  2. Police recommend both exterior and interior lighting at night. An interior light helps Police detect movement or other changes inside.
  3. Have your alarms in good working order. Be sure to have someone to be responsible for turning them on/off and provide a call out number in case alarm is activated.
  4. Empty cash drawers, leaving them open during none business hours and secure money in a safe or vault.
  5. Make both starting and ending money counts each business day/night.
  6.  Report any suspicious customer contacts to Police.
  7. If your business has been tampered with in any way, have Police take a look at it. (example: doors or windows)
  8. If you discover you have been burglarized, leave your business and call Police immediately.
  9. Feel free to contact Police at any time with any questions about business security.


$3522-$4281/month. Must be minimum age 21, and have successfully completed a POST approved academy. BENEFITS: City paid Health Benefits package. PERS retirement – 2% at 50, certification pay, uniform allowance, and other benefits. For applications, contact the Police Department, 260 6th Street, Colusa,CA 95932 (530) 458-7777. Final Filing Date: 02-22-19

The City of Colusa Police Department provides police protection services within the City of Colusa. The main station is located at 260 6th Street. The Police Department has nine sworn full-time officers, including the Chief of Police, one lieutenant, two sergeants and five officers. There is one personnel position consisting of a non-sworn secretary. Additionally, the Police Department has been authorized a tenth position which will become its first full-time detective position. The Police department uses seven vehicles for its services.